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Who is the best person to write your IT resume? You are the best person to write your IT resume.The following resume know hows and tips will help you land more job interviews in IT.

4 IT resume tips that I gave to a former colleague, which started the ball rolling from no interview calls for 3 months to 5 calls in just 3 weeks.

A former colleague of mine who has 8+ years experience working for large financial companies in varying capacities such as production support, system testing and junior BA approached me wanting to get into senior BA, Technical Project Manager or Business Project Manager roles after expending 3 months without any interview calls. I reviewed his resume or CV and gave him the following recommendations, which in turn got the ball rolling with a few interviews.

Can first page of your IT resume stand on its own?

Reading others' resume is not only a boring task, but also your prospective reader does not have too much time to read everything. So, you must remember that only your first is page read, and the remaining pages are scanned. Here are some tips to get your resume more attention from your reader.

What is a SAR statement, and how does it help you with your resume and job interview preparation to get the job you want?

These are not only useful for your resume, but also can be very useful in interviews. Firstly, you state the situation that existed in your workplace, then you describe what you did about it and finally you describe the beneficial outcome. This technique can make a big difference on your resume and interview preparation.

Who would you be tempted to hire -- Resume A or Resume B?

Q. If you put yourself in a prospective employer's shoes, will you interview candidate A or candidate B?

#1: Targeted resumes have better chances of getting short listed.
#2: When you write your resume, always put yourself in your prospective employer's shoes.

"IT Jobs or programming jobs wanted" tips to standout from your competition

I often see in  "IT Jobs Wanted" or "programming jobs wanted" forums, where potential job seekers don't really take the effort to promote themselves more effectively. Firstly, they post their threads with very ordinary titles like "Java Job Wanted" and "Certified programmer looking for Java Work". Secondly, if you click on the title halfheartedly, there is no evidence of a link to your resume or a summary highlighting your experience and achievements. Many fail to realize that they are in a very competitive world out there and they are needed to do something different to just getting certified ....

22 handy programmer resume phrases

Programmer resume phrases -- extracted from the resume companion.

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