22 handy programmer resume phrases

Here are some handy resume phrases for software engineers extracted from my book entitled Java/JEE resume companion, which has 150+ phrases to promote you as a well rounded software engineer.

1. Quantified on the job technical accomplishments
  • Increased the number of unit tests from 30+ to 800+ in my watchful eye to improve the overall quality of a number of .Net based applications.
  • Reduced the monthly Java based commission batch runs from 18 hours to 7 hours at XYZ Ltd.
  • Designed and developed a Java/JEE based online insurance system to serve 400 concurrent users using sought-after frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, and Ajax.
  • Performance tuned and refactored a Websphere and JEE based online insurance application, which previously came down almost daily, became a true 24x7 application.
  • Conceptualized and implemented a large scale multi-threaded, socket server to communicate with 450 retail stores and seamlessly integrated it with 3 other back end systems via Web services and JMS.

Getting things done with technical and soft skills for "2. Pride of performance" as opposed to "fear of consequences"
  • Received an initial 3 month contract with a multinational fortune 500 company PQR to upgrade a poorly performing Java based application and to integrate it with 3 other internal systems. Based on performance, contract was further extended 6 times.
  • Spearheaded the “Quick Wins” project by working very closely with the business and end users to improve the current website’s independent ranking from being 23rd to 6th in just 3 months.
  • Initiated and facilitated agile development methodologies, which not only improved the communication and cooperation between business owners and the developers, but also reduced the delivery lead time.

3. Soft skills like communication, leadership, and mentoring
  • Communicated the detailed design and solution architecture to cross-functional teams like developers, business users, testers, external vendors, and management.
  • Managed a Java/J2EE based project with both on site and off-shore development and delivery effort of a team consisting of ~25 developers resulting in successful delivery of the end product both within budget ($12 million) and on time due to effective communication, coordination, and implementation of automated daily builds, continuous integration and deployment with full suite of JUnit and functional tests, code coverage, and project documentation.
  • Instrumental in successfully managing and implementing a high profile Java/JEE based “Pay as you go” system that increased the retail sales by 35%.
  • Mentored co-workers in design patterns, best practices, OO concepts, transaction management and concurrency issues.
  • Led a group of developers into module discussions, setting of task targets, use case elaboration, and technical guidance.

4. Quick learner
  • Learned on the fly new and home grown frameworks, and hit the ground running as a key contributor.
  • Awarded outstanding achievement for coming in just 2 months before the deadline in a development effort that was going on for 18 months to contribute significantly to fast track development where some home grown Java based frameworks and technologies had to be quickly learned.

5. Meeting deadlines 
  • Performed 10-12 hour shifts as and when required to get the project over the line on time.

Working experience in 6. Mission critical projects.

  • One of the 7 representatives among 45+ professionals selected, as a core project team contributor to provide effective technical, business, and process ideas, solutions, and recommendations to a project budgeted at $20 million.
  • Produced a number of comprehensive impact-analysis documents to a project budgeted at $20 million with 7 dependent sub-systems.

7. Business focus.

  • Commended for building a Web based admin and reporting tool using Struts, Spring, and Hibernate that met the specific needs of the in-house business units and external customers.

  • Worked with external companies and partners to continually improve their Java/JEE based B2B application and service offerings.

8. Domain knowledge (i.e. subject matter expertise)

  • Expert understanding of banking, investment, and financial services industry needs and transactional aspects with proven track record in architecting solutions, for ABC Stock Exchange, PQR financial services, and XYZ investment bank.
  • Well versed with entire software project life cycle and insurance product knowledge due to 8+ years of hands on experience and involvement in various roles such as developer, designer, technical lead, and project lead in insurance domain.

9. Taking initiatives

  • Initiated the Web-based single sign on design that enabled access to multiple JEE based in-house Web sites to provide improved navigation for outside customers.

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