As a Programmer

What can you do as a programmer apart from writing code? Blogging ... Publishing your own books ... Branding ... Freelancing ... Creating your own little business.

What can you do as a programmer to create your own brand?

Social media tools have leveled the playing ground and have enabled you to reach incredible heights, at the cost of your time. Create your little business to earn both active and passive income.

3 reasons why you should consider becoming a freelance programmer and 3 reasons why companies hire freelance programmers

Do you like professional freedom? If yes, you may like being a freelancer. You could potentially earn from 1.5 to 2.5 times the equivalent permanent job salary.

1 million page views as a technical blogger -- an IT software engineer's perspective

How blogging helped me fast-track my career as a software engineer?

How much can you roughly earn from Google ad-sense? Is it worth it?

You will be disappointed if just blog to get a few Google ad-sense advertisements on your blog.

How to self-publish your own books in IT?

Is publishing your own book is easier with the advent of POD publishers like and

Is there a thing called job security in IT?

Do you regularly review your current career goals and set future goals? What is your goal? Is it to keep the pay checks coming at a steady rate or to advance your career.

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