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A good Java resume or CV can make a world of a difference to open more doors to your career. Here is a sample resume that is extracted from my book "Java/J2EE Resume Companion" for experienced Java professionals. Even if you are not an experienced professional, it will guide you as to what you need to work towards. As you get more experienced, you need to update your Java resume or CV to highlight your accomplishments as shown below. There are more eye catching resume phrases and sample resumes for novice, career change, intermediate, cover letter, etc covered in the book in more detail with explanation.

John Experienced
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Professional Summary
  • Track record of delivering quality Java/JEE based solutions over 8+ years in the Investment, Insurance, Finance, Telecommunications, and Retail industries.
  • 2.0+ years as a hands-on architect, 2+ years as a technical lead, 3+ years in Java/JEE development, and 3+ years in system integration.
  • Well versed with entire development life cycle and facilitating agile practices.
  • Spearheaded the design and development of a Spring MVC, Spring, and Hibernate based mission critical system budgeted at $10 million, which earned high accolades in the independent code and design reviews conducted by an independent consultancy.
  • Provided technical leadership on the architecture, design, and successful implementation of a mission critical 24x7 Java/JEE application valued at $10 million at BrandName Ltd.
  • Enjoyed repeated success in understanding business expectations, building effective solutions, and facilitating agile development practices.
  • Re-architected, refactored, and performance tuned a Websphere and J2EE based online insurance application, which previously came down almost daily, became a true 24x7 application at BrandName Ltd.
  • Instrumental in building our Java/JEE consultancy teams at Consultancy Ltd to grow from 6 consultants to 25 consultants and technical pre-sales activity in placing the consultants at client sites. 
Technical Summary

Java Technologies: 8+ years
Java 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, & 1.5, Swing, Applet, JMX, JDBC, and RMI. 3+ years in building stand-alone multi-threaded and TCP/IP socket based applications
JEE Technologies: 5+ years
Frameworks/Libraries:  Spring (2+ years), Hibernate (3+ years) , Acegi, Spring-ws (6+ months), JSF Sun RI (2 years), Facelets, Ajax4JSF, JiBX, JUnit, Log4J, etc
Tools: Ant, Maven2, CVS, SVN, Eclipse, Rational Software Architect, etc
Platforms: Databases (Oracle, MySQL), OS (Linux, Windows), Application Servers (Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, and Weblogic), Message Oriented Middleware (Websphere MQ and webMethods).
Design skills: OOA (Object Oriented Analysis) & OOD (Object Oriented Design), AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Design by contract, GoF design patterns, JEE & EJB design patterns, and UML.
Software Development Methodology: Agile methodology, RUP (Rational Unified Process), XP, TDD (Test Driven Development).
Other: SOAP Web services, HTML, CSS, Ajax, JavaScript, XML, XSD, XSL, XSLT, XSL-FO, WSDL, JAXP, Xalan, Xerces, SQL, and Jasper Reports.

Work Experience

Aug 2006 – Present: Brand name Ltd - Sydney

Position: Java/JEE Architect/Senior developer ( Design & development focus of a $10 million dollar high visibility and mission critical project using cutting-edge technologies and frameworks.)

  • Architected a JSF, Websphere, Oracle, Spring, and Hibernate based 24x7 Web application.
  • Built an end to end vertical slice for a JEE based billing application using popular frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Facelets, XHTML, Maven2, and Ajax by applying OO design concepts, JEE & GoF design patterns, and best practices.
  • Integrated other sub-systems like loans application, equity markets online application system, and documentation system with the structured products application through JMS, Websphere MQ, SOAP based Web services, and XML.
  • Designed the logical and physical data model, generated DDL scripts, and wrote DML scripts for Oracle 9i database.
  • Tuned SQL statements, Hibernate mapping, and Websphere application server to improve performance, and consequently met the SLAs.
  • Gathered business requirements and wrote functional specifications and detailed design documents.
  • Improved the build process by migrating it from Ant to Maven2.
  • Built and deployed Java applications into multiple Unix based environments and produced both unit and functional test results along with release notes.

Technologies used:   Java 1.5, JSF Sun RI, Facelets, Ajax4JSF, Richfaces, Spring, XML, XSL, XSD, XHTML, Hibernate, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, MINA, Spring-ws, SOAP Web service, Websphere, Oracle, JMX, ANT, Maven2, Continuum, JUnit, SVN, TDD, and XP.

Feb 2003 – Aug 2006: Consultancy Ltd - Sydney Clients: Sure Insurance, ABC utility, and MQR Finance.

Position: Java/J2EE Technical lead/Senior developer (Leadership, design, and development focus of a number of Java/JEE based multi-tiered, high volume (10,000 to 100,000 users), and distributed applications.)

  • Managed and mentored a group of application developers, assigned responsibilities, elaborated use cases, managed project schedules, and module targets.
  • Reviewed code and encouraged developers to use key design patterns, such as fa├žade, singleton, factory, command, proxy, strategy, decorator, etc.
  • Provided recommendations on OO design concepts, best practices, exception handling, and identifying and fixing potential memory, performance, and transactional issues.
  • Conducted interviews and made recommendations for hiring Java/JEE professionals.
  • Increased the number of JUnit tests from 30+ to 400+ in my watchful eye to improve the overall quality of the Java/J2EE based applications.
  • Produced detailed design documents with design alternatives, pros and cons for each approach and reasons for the recommended approach.
  • Analyzed “What if” scenarios and exceptional conditions and made recommendations to fill the gaps identified in the functional specs and detailed design.
Technologies used: Java 1.4, EJB 2.0, JNDI, JDBC, Servlet, JSP, Struts, Spring, XML, XSL, XSL-FO, XSD, XHTML, Hibernate, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, FOP, Websphere, ANT, CVS, and JUnit.

Jan 2000 – Feb 2003: Telecom Ltd - Sydney

Position: Java/J2EE developer (Development focus of Java/J2EE based applications.)
  • Designed and developed Struts like MVC 2 Web framework using the front-controller design pattern, which is used successfully in a number of production systems.
  • Spearheaded the “Quick Wins” project by working very closely with the business and end users to improve the current website’s ranking from being 23rd to 6th in just 3 months.
  • Normalized Oracle database, conforming to design concepts and best practices.
  • Resolved product complications at customer sites and funneled the insights to the development and deployment teams to adopt long term product development strategy with minimal roadblocks.
  • Convinced business users and analysts with alternative solutions that are more robust and simpler to implement from technical perspective while satisfying the functional requirements from the business perspective.
  • Applied design patterns and OO design concepts to improve the existing Java/JEE based code base.
  • Identified and fixed transactional issues due to incorrect exception handling and concurrency issues due to unsynchronized block of code.

Technologies used: Java 1.2/1.3, Swing, Applet, Servlet, JSP, custom tags, JNDI, JDBC, XML, XSL, DTD, HTML, CSS, Java Script, Oracle, DB2, PL/SQL, Weblogic, JUnit, Log4J and CVS.

  • BEng in Mechanical Engineering with First Class Honors.
  • Training in Websphere Application Server.

Other skills and achievements
  • Secured 97% in Java test conducted by Brand name Ltd.
  • Passed the senior Java application developer test conducted by Consultancy Ltd.
  • Passed the EJB [1.1 & 2.0] Tests conducted by Sure Insurance Ltd.
  • Passed the Senior Developer Technical Interview with the Sun Micro Systems.
  • Maintaining a Java blog at to communicate my findings and thoughts.

  • Self-published a book entitled “Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion” (ISBN 978-1-4116-6824-9), which is a best seller at and received 4.0 out of 5.0 star user rating on
  • Published a “Java World” article entitled “Some Java Topic”, which had over 40,000 views and positive review comments.

Professional Affiliations
  • Member of Australian Computer Society (ACS).

  • Available upon request.

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